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September 24 2022

Ep.2 WorldWideWeed: Workshop & Feast

24 September 2022

We are back with more WorldWideWeed!

Staying true to creating immersive and educational experiences of this very misunderstood plant, our 2nd episode together with The Dispensary by Taratera explores the benefits and affects through consumption. 

Learn the art of infusion, all things extraction, and the how-to’s with the experts right by your side, joining forces and combining the world of teas through sensory means. Discover your own favourite flavours, brew your own concoctions, tasting exploration, taking home a unique blend and goodie bag with new essentials.

To complete the full experience this time, we are finishing off the night with a Go Green Chinese feast like no other by the T Party at JAM JAM Eatery & Bar. Chinese cuisine has a long tradition of infusing and elevating each flavour in their own unique way. Join us as the T Party team presents a modern twist on the cuisine, utilising all that is green to craft a new and exciting experience through food. Indulge with traditional Chinese dishes and beloved classics such as dim sum, crispy pork, congee, Pa Tong Go, barbeque duck and so much more, all reimagined to enhance every bite.

You do not want to miss this.

Get your tickets here

Plus, The Dispensary is back with a pop-up shop for the day at ASAI Bangkok Chinatown for any and all of your green needs and to stock up once more.

Let’s go green!

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