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June 8 2024

Well-Fest: Sensory Symphony in Nature at ASAI

8 June 2024

Date and time

8 June 2024


ASAI Bangkok Chinatown & ASAI Bangkok Sathorn

1. Stride Towards Wellness: ASAI Hotels Bangkok Staff Morning Run at Lumpini Park

Join us for a refreshing staff outing at ASAI Hotels Bangkok as we lace up our running shoes for a invigorating morning run at Lumpini Park. Embrace the tranquility of nature, energize your body, and foster team spirit in the heart of Bangkok’s urban oasis. It’s more than just a run—it’s a journey towards wellness and camaraderie.

2. Rise and Shine: ASAI Hotels’ Nourishing Healthy Breakfast Buffet

Indulge in a vibrant morning experience at ASAI Hotels with our Healthy Breakfast Buffet. Savor an array of nourishing delights meticulously crafted to invigorate your day. From farm-fresh fruits to wholesome grains and protein-packed options, our buffet promises a flavorful journey that fuels both body and soul. Join us as we redefine breakfast, offering a delightful start to your day that embodies our commitment to wellness and culinary excellence.

3. Refresh & Revitalize: Complimentary Healthy Beverages All Day at ASAI Hotels

Experience a delightful infusion of wellness throughout your day at ASAI Hotels with our complimentary healthy refreshments available all day. From revitalizing herbal teas to refreshing fruit-infused waters, indulge in a range of nourishing beverages designed to rejuvenate your senses and enhance your well-being. Whether you’re relaxing in our lobby or enjoying the comforts of your room, let us pamper you with a constant stream of hydration and vitality, embodying our commitment to your holistic comfort and satisfaction.

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