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August 20 2022

WorldWideWeed: Sensory Workshop

20 August 2022

Ultimate flower power as we introduce WorldWideWeed!

We’re all about connecting and collaborating with our community at ASAI and that is exactly why we are kick starting a new workshop series working closely with The Dispensary by TARATERA, Thailand’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company.

Immersive and educational experiences dedicated to highlight the science, medicinal and wellness benefits, break the negative stigma and be part of the societal change of this very misunderstood plant.

Experience all things green with us in a new way using all of your senses. A much needed crash-course on flowers, identifying the sensory signatures of each variety, pick and choose your favourites, and roll with the punches of each different bud in a guided interactive workshop exploring each step from bud to body.  Let the expert budtenders do what they do best and take us on a journey from start to finish, taking home your very own kit and goodies to use for later.

WorldWideWeed: Sensory Workshop

Courtyard at ASAI Bangkok Chinatown

Saturday 20th August

4pm – 6pm

The Dispensary will also set up shop at ASAI for the day to let you continue to explore, experiment and stock up.

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