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Our modern lifestyle sees us constantly creating waste that isn’t biodegradable, and the amount of waste is increasing all the time. At ASAI, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact and we take our cues from local experts. If we can make it fun too, that’s even better.

We teamed up with paper artist Simona Meesaiyati to host a creative workshop that explored recycling scrap paper by turning it into art. On Saturday 26 January 2019, a bunch of curious and eco-friendly participants showed up to Yelo House with paper from their office or home, which would otherwise be trashed, to get inspired and creative with Simona.

Turning the scrap paper into something beautiful reminded us how taking creative action and rethinking resources can turn waste into something worthwhile. We believe that everybody can be a positive participant in our ecosystem and through little actions and fun activities, we can change ideas around waste, reduce impact, support sustainability and promote recycling.

This waste to worth workshop was also an opportunity to connect participants with a local artisan. We collaborate with people within our community, who share our vision for creating meaningful and immersive local experiences with far-reaching environmental impact.

Our thanks goes to Simona (simona.paperart) and Yelo House for co-hosting the workshop and bringing the community together. Here’s a glimpse at what we got up to:

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