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Waste To Worth: Refresh Your Fashion with Silkscreening

By now, we all know Fast Fashion is having a negative impact on the environment and we are always looking for ways to repurpose, up cycle and refresh our stuff, rather than ditching it and buying something new.

With the help of local artist Somphol, the owner and founder at Mass Studio, we gave old clothes a new lease of life through silkscreening.

By turning things we might have considered trash into treasure. We reduce our impact by finding fun ways to do it, we bring a community together.

We got crafty and artsy on our old clothing. Sneak a peek at this video for a glimpse at the revolutionary fun:

Let’s rethink the way we look at waste and the way we shop. Share this and let’s find more ways to have a positive impact on our world. It is better for the environment, your wallet and your closet.

See you at the next one; stay inspired !

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