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Waste To Worth: SuperBee Wax Wraps for Your Kitchen Leftovers

We teamed up with, a social enterprise based in northern Thailand for our Waste to Worth Workshop to make an alternative. This time saving on food waste by making durable, reusable, sustainable wax wraps. These beeswax wraps are totally natural.

We get it, you don’t want to waste your leftovers, but not only is that plastic wrap used just once, it’s full of chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your food. What if you could cover tomorrow’s lunch with something good for the planet and good for you?

They’re made from high quality organic cotton, coconut oil, tree resin and sustainably harvested beeswax, so they’re eco-friendly and long-lasting, to keep your leftovers fresh without any waste. Plus, they’re washable, reusable and compostable.

Let’s rethink the way we look at waste and the way we shop. Share this and let’s find more ways to have a positive impact on our world. It is better for the environment, your wallet and your kitchen.

This is how we make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Sneak a peek at this video for a glimpse at the creative fun.

See you at the next one; stay inspired.

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