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You know the drill by now: we love finding ways to turn something that could be thrown away into something useful, especially if it’s creative and brings people together. Most recently, we tackled cacao husks. With the help of Paniti & Nuttaya of Kad Kokoa, we gave the leftover shells of cacao beans a new life by turning them into tea. 

During the chocolate-making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried before being roasted. The beans are then cracked in a winnower to separate the nibs from the husks. The nibs go on to make chocolate, and the husks are left aside. But not this time. 

The teams from ASAI and Kad Kokoa hosted a fun session on how to transform those husks into healthy and subtly chocolatey cacao tea. 

We discovered the uses of this natural treasure and explored its qualities, health benefits and social impact, and everyone got a jar of cacao tea to take home. 

Stay tuned for more workshops like this coming soon.

Sneak a peek at this video for a glimpse at the sustainable fun.

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