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In what other financial hub with world-class bars, fine dining and buzzing nightlife, can you also find tree-lined residential streets, hidden alleys, vibrant temples, killer coffee and art galleries?

It’s no wonder ASAI picked Sathorn for its second Bangkok opening. This place has it all!

Now one of Bangkok’s favourite and most exciting neighbourhoods, Sathorn has a fascinating history dating back to the reign of King Rama V. HRH commissioned Chinese businessman Chai Sua Yom to improve transportation in the city by digging a waterway to connect the Chao Phraya River with the Wat Hua Lamphong Canal. Upon completion, the King rewarded the engineer with a new name – Luang Sathon Rajayukta – and the land either side of the canal. 

Once lined with the mansions of wealthy families, some of which are still standing, including The House On Sathorn – originally home to Luang Sathon Rajayukta himself – the canal has always been a vital artery in Bangkok. In the 1970s, the waterway was narrowed to make way for Taksin Bridge and wider roads either side of it to accommodate the increasing number of cars coming to and from Thonburi. These days, Sathorn is home to the headquarters of financial institutions and the UN, and is overlooked by the soaring King Power Mahanakorn – one of Thailand’s tallest buildings. 

But amidst the bustle, commerce and non-stop development, quieter enclaves, cultural hubs and artistic centres persist in the district. Yes, you can drink cocktails in sky bars, visit embassies or take meetings at your office, but we’re more interested in the hidden gems – the local delights and secret treasures that make our neighbourhood special. So with that in mind, here’s a primer on what and where to EAT, SEE, PLAY and DRINK in Sathorn.





And that’s just for starters! Ask the team for off-the-tourist-trail recommendations and check out The Guide for all the latest happenings right on your doorstep.

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