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Thailand, and Southeast Asia in general, is well known for its rough rainy season, but travelling through Bangkok during that time doesn’t have to be unpleasant if you know what items to have in your bag. Here’s everything you need to brave Bangkok’s rain like a boss. Happy monsoon season!

Reusable rain jackets and ponchos

pantagonia.com / rains.com

Even though you can easily find cheap rain ponchos at many convenience stores in town, they can leave a huge environmental impact as most of them are not recyclable or biodegradable. If you’re planning ahead and know for certain that you will be in Bangkok during the wet season, we highly recommend investing in something long-lasting and eco-friendly. A company like Patagonia makes its rain jackets from recycled nylon fabrics with functional details such as adjustable drawcords at the hem to keep the rain out. Alternatively, a more minimal raincoat, Rains’ Jacket is a functional and unisex rain jacket with a casual fit. Inspired by classic rainwear, Jacket is an urban version made from a water-resistant lightweight fabric with a matte and smooth finish. Just as importantly, they pack up nice and small when you’re not using them.

Lightweight and easy-to-dry clothing


If there is one thing that’s worse than getting wet, it’s being stuck in wet clothes that are uncomfortable and take a long time to dry. Not only can it cause skin infections, but being in wet clothes for an extended period of time can have health risks such as hypothermia. When packing items for the monsoon season, think breathable fabrics. Try to avoid light-coloured clothing and delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet. Uniqlo’s AIRism line offers a great selection of items that are lightweight and comfortable to wear, whether you’re sweating or braving the rain.

Rain-friendly footwear

everlane.com / birkenstock.com

Think twice before travelling with your nice leather shoes, as Bangkok’s rain might ruin them. Opt for a water-resistant material such as rubber instead. Everlane offers stylish rain boots for conscious shoppers. Not only does the brand operate under transparent pricing, it also tells consumers where their items are made as well. If you’re not a fan of rain boots, go for sandals. Birkenstocks has a wide range of EVA sandals that are lightweight, water-resistant and high quality, so you can keep wearing them, rain or shine.

Bag-friendly umbrella


A good portable umbrella is a traveller’s best friend! Make sure the umbrella that you choose is small enough to fit into your backpack or purse when you go out. The London Undercover brand knows best when it comes to eco-friendly and high-quality umbrellas that you can use again and again. They use recycled materials and offer repair services to make sure your purchase lasts a long time. 

Waterproof Backpacks

rains.com / freitag.ch

Keeping your valuables dry may seem like a challenge during the wet season, but with the right investment. Rains Backpack Mini, made from a water-resistant fabric with a matte finish, this minimalistic yet modern rucksack has an inside laptop pocket, a spacious main compartment and a hidden phone pocket on the backside. Or the Freitag bags has a massive range, small or large. It’s an eco-friendly company that sources its materials from truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts. The fact that each bag is one-of-a-kind also boosts the appeal of owning one. 

Mosquito Repellent

sabu-sabu.com / patom.com / herbpiness.com

Mosquitoes and monsoons go hand in hand, as puddles and bodies of water create breeding grounds for these bothersome critters. Thankfully, you can prevent their attacks with natural repellents made using everything from eucalyptus and lavender oil to Thai lemongrass. There are many local, small-batch skincare specialists that easy to track down in Bangkok such as Sabu Sabu. Should you be bitten, local brand Herbpiness makes traditional Thai balms that can help soothe your inflamed skin.

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