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On Wednesday 5 June, as we celebrate World Environment Day and think about how lucky we are to have a beautiful planet that supports us, maybe we can consider a few ways we can look after it.

Reducing waste is an important part of caring for the planet and it’s a topic close to our hearts. One way to cut down the stuff we throw out is to repurpose it, so let’s look at a few tips to turn our trash to treasure.

Turn your cooking oil into soap

WASTE TO WORTH: Soap Making by Recycling Cooking Oil

The cooking oil we wash down the sink causes massive problems; it clogs waterways, pollutes drains and harms wildlife, but not if you turn it into lovely fragrant body wash. We teamed up with Bangkok Soap Opera for two workshops this year and showed Bangkok how easy it is to turn waste oil into something clean, natural and useful. Check out the video here and have a go at home.

Make plastic precious

Precious Plastic Bangkok

The big problem with single-use plastic, as we all know, is how long it takes to decompose (basically, forever). Reducing and recycling are helpful, but what if we could turn waste plastic into something useful? Precious Plastic Bangkok is developing easy-to-build machines that shred plastic into flakes, melt the flakes and then squeeze out mouldable threads to build something new and useful. We’re teaming up with Precious Plastic throughout June to turn plastic bottle tops into plant pots and you can get involved. Just clean up your bottle tops and drop them off at any of our stations, located at ASAI Office in Chamchuri Square 29th floor, Dusit Princess Srinakarin, Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School and Dusit Thani College.

Scrap the idea of scrap fabric

The Hamlet by ASAI Hotels

Disposable fashion is a massive contributor to landfill and we’ve been looking at ways to re-use the fabric from clothes we’d otherwise throw out. We tie-dyed old sheets to make cushion covers and shades for our camp at Wonderfruit festival. We held a workshop at Model Market with Bangkok-based fashion designer Kamonnart to turn offcuts into bottle holders. Watch out for more workshops like this and in the meantime, check out a few ideas on how to upcycle your clothes and be a fashion revolutionary.

Make re-use cool again

WASTE TO WORTH: Turning Textiles Waste Into Bottle Holders

Speaking of Model Market, have you been? It’s a laid-back outdoor space on Sukhumvit Soi 53 where upcycling is the name of the game. From the chairs and tables to the cool fashion and accessories on sale, everything is pre-loved. Go check out their weekly farmers markets and clothes swaps and get inspired. Find out more here.

Turn your food into fertiliser

Keep those leftovers out of the trash and use them to grow more plants. At our upcoming opening, ASAI Chinatown, we’re excited to install a super powered compost machine .Thanks to revolutionary technology, it’ll turn organic waste into high NPK fertiliser, and don’t worry, it won’t stink.

Rethink your waste; maybe it could be worth something? Follow us for more ideas, more workshops and more tips and hints. Happy World Environment Day.

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