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Get ready for an annual celebration of art, music, food and ideas to catalyse positive impact. Wonderfruit 2019 is the sixth instalment of Asia’s leading lifestyle festival. The five-day extravaganza will take place from 12 to 16 December at The Fields at Siam Country Club – a unique outdoor location in the gorgeous Thai countryside, just outside seaside destination, Pattaya.

Wonderfruit is produced by Scratch First, a Thai-based social enterprise, which uses the arts to engage and create communities of sustainability and socially responsible growth. Simply put: they put on almost 100 hours of non-stop programming to inspire attendees to go away and live life a little better and there’s plenty to fill your itinerary with. There are live artists and DJs that span the spectrum of musical genres, performing on innovatively built structures; there’s thought-provoking art installations and roaming performances; there are sumptuous feasts by creative chefs, health and wellness activities, talks, debates, workshops and family fun. The whole idea is that fun and social responsibility can go hand in hand with inspiring adventures an a really killer party, and every year it brings people from all corners of the world together.

As a destination, it’s second-to-none. For 2018’s edition, they moved across the road from their original space to an even bigger site, complete with wide open fields, hidden woods, a natural lake and plenty more to explore. This year, there’s a running theme of a “pop-up city” as Team Wonderfruit builds the world they want to see. In their stunning setting, everything is designed to motivate, encourage, and spark positive impact in the world and everyone will be inspired to take responsibility for the land and, more broadly, the world. Living sustainably at Wonderfruit takes small actions and makes big impacts. Making conscious choices to consume less, recycle more, and reduce our footprints isn’t difficult. It can be fun, simple….sexy, even.

So, as the party approaches, it’s time we started prepping our sustainable selves for the wonders of December.


No single-use cups: bring your own or buy a Wondercup

This year, everyone will need their own refill cup and you can bring your own or buy one from the Wonderfruit shop. It’s a bold move, but Team Wonderfruit is dedicated to not only reducing waste but also encouraging everyone to rethink how waste is created, handled, and perceived in our world. They’ve put a lot of thought into how this will work, ensuring refill life is as easy for you as possible. Any 16-ounce (pint) cup that’s made for reuse is welcome – stainless steel, enamel, recycled plastic (but no glass).

If you buy an official cup from Wonderfruit, you get 10% off alcohol (excluding beer) at all bars. Whatever you choose, carry your cup everywhere you go, and help reduce tons of waste from Wonderfruit. Just remember: no cup, no service. Find out more here.

Use the app to get the most out of your experience

All the answers you need can now be found in your pocket—with the Wonderfruit App. Simply download the Wonderfruit app to get the most out of your Wonderfruit experience from the full lineup across their six pillars. This is the only place to find the latest times and locations for all activities—24 hours a day. You’ll also find tips, ideas, new thoughts, and real-time updates and be able to share your customised schedule with friends and fellow Wonderers.


  • Lineup: Discover the full lineup and info across all six pillars: Arts & Architecture, Music, Family, Farm to Feasts, Talks & Workshops, and Wellness.
  • Program: Find out what’s happening, when it’s happening, and where.
  • What’s Happening Now: Check out who’s playing and what activities are going on right now.
  • My Schedule: Customise your Wonderfruit experience by adding all your favourite performances and activities to your own program, and share it with your friends so nobody misses a moment.
  • WonderFeed: Get live updates and all the latest Wonderfruit news in real time, all weekend long.

Get more info and download it here.

ASAI x Wonderfruit: A Collaborative History

We believe in collaboration and the ASAI experience is influenced by the combined skills and expertise we highlight within our communities. We find ways to bring people together and make meaningful, authentic connections. In December 2018, Team ASAI created The Hamlet at Wonderfruit as a living, breathing example of our shared values: like-minded people who are all about finding fun ways to reduce our impact on the environment. This year, Team ASAI will be there in The Fields as attendees and we’re excited to dance, eat, get creative and get inspired right before our first property opens its doors early next year, so we hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out last year’s experience as we presented sustainability through design at The Hamlet by ASAI Hotels.

Have you got your tickets?

Don’t forget, the Wonderfruit website in partnership with Ticketmelon.com and Festicket.com are the only places to find authorised tickets. Go get yours now, before the prices go up on the door.

Social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and decadent fun can all happen at once.

See you in The Fields.

Live. Love. Wonder.

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