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The list of must-try restaurants in Bangkok seems to go on and on, but sometimes you just want a nice comforting homestyle meal. If you’re looking for authentic home cooked experience, Baan Nual in the old town area might just be the place. Located in a shophouse, they serve up childhood favourites like stir-fried pork with shrimp paste. Be sure to book way ahead of time as space is limited. Another top spot in the old town is Baan Wannakowit, a 130-year-old Thai wooden house with limited, reservation-only tables. If you visit Bangkok in April, you might get to try their secret family recipe of “Khao Chae,” a classic chilled rice dish served with condiments like deep-fried shallots and sweet pork. Head over to the Ratchada area for Baan Ta Ruang, where the menu changes every day according to the whims of the grandma who owns this cosy Thai house. Don’t miss their rotating Thai sweets and drinks to complete the home-cooked experience.

Yang Gao Gorn

Baan Nual

Baan Wannakowit 

Chote Chitr 

Sanguan Sri

Baan Ta Rueng


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