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Bangkok's Best Late Night Eats For Your 2 Am Cravings

As you might already know, Thai people love to eat. Even at two in the morning, our priority is to satisfy our appetite for good food. That’s why there are restaurants of all kinds—from curry rice to ramen noodles—that open until late, or even 24 hours, all over Bangkok. You want some dim sum on the way home? Right this way. Hungry for halal food at midnight? No problem. Come and immerse yourself in the city that never sleeps, especially not on an empty stomach!

Guay Jub Ouan Pochana

Hong Teong Long

Kha Moo Tee Sam

Kiew Liew Ning

Ramen Tei Thaniya

Shabeebee Roti-Cha

Khao Tom Bawon


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