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One-stop Bangkok: Mixed-use Spaces To Get Everything Done

Looking for an all-in-one spot to spend your day? Bangkok has loads. Whether you’re an art lover, cafe hopper, or simply interested in the up-and-coming creative scene in Bangkok, jot these multi-use spaces down on your must-visit list. If you’re exploring the centre of town, YELO House is definitely worth a visit. This converted warehouse comprises gallery, co-working space and even a restaurant and cafe overlooking a canal. The perfect space to explore come night-time is the Woof Pack building, which houses multiple restaurants along with Bangkok’s only alternative cinema, Bangkok Screening Room. Read on to find your ideal one-stop-shop in Bangkok.

YELO House

Kathmandu Photo Gallery

Woof Pack

Soy Sauce Factory

The Jam Factory

Kalwit Studio & Gallery


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