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Summer In A Glass: Thai-inspired Tipples For Tropical Times

Just like food, cocktails are more fun when you factor in the season and the mood that comes with it. Summer in Thailand calls for drinks made with refreshing local ingredients and intriguing twists and luckily, we know where to find the best in town. Coconut lovers should try Fon by 80/20, which combines refreshing pandan, palm sugar and oolong tea with a local Thai gin. For a fruity fun time, head to Tropic City and enjoy a Change of Air: a blend of aromatic Thai herbs with mezcal, gin and mangosteen syrup. Over at Ku Bar, try the 10 Herb beautifully combines gin with jub liang, a traditional Chinese remedy that helps regulate your body from overheating. Sample these and plenty more summer-friendly drinks in our selected bars.


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